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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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Pitching and planning

Omniflit Posted on fre, augusti 17, 2012 16:08:37

This week I’ve been working on a new pitch deck that presents Omniflit’s solution. It has had me thinking that what has been the company’s focus in sales pitches to this day may need a few small, but important, changes. I have done quite a bit of research on ’how to create the perfect pitch deck’ and it has had me thinking a bit which is good.

I have also made a few plans in terms of publicity that we are going to need to attract in order to help us grow and build a bit of momentum come this fall. Next week will entail a few meetings that I believe have the potential of being quite interesting.

Entrepreneurial politicians

Omniflit Posted on tis, augusti 14, 2012 16:48:33

Economics and politics rule our world, and the two are inextricably intertwined. As part of its revised strategy Omniflit is trying to impact the national infrastructure and mobility management agenda. This summer’s Almedalen visit inspired the extension of our outreach. In order to influence organizational attitudes towards new ways of thinking regarding mobility we have learnt it may be a good idea to try to influence the influential.

When faced with something I know I need to learn more about I tend to turn to a good old library for some catching up. I find these institutions are quite often unfairly overlooked, at least if you know which ones are worth a visit. As I’ve relocated myself for a couple of days to Österlen (a working internet connection and computer combined with the famous calm and serenity of the area is pretty much all you need, for a few days at least) I turned to Simrishamns stadsbibliotek for some advice and ended up with a newly published book on the entrepreneurship of politics. Hopefully it will give me some of the insights I’d like on how best to target politicians. I look forward to understanding the process of procurements more fully, for one. As Omniflit has a meeting with a Swedish Member of Parliament coming up I hope he will turn out to be an entrepreneurial one which my reading tells me is ”an energetic politician who is visible, honest and an expert”.

Infrastructure was mentioned by our Minister for Education and Deputy PM, Jan Björklund, in his yearly summer speech this Sunday as number two of his three wishes for this fall’s budget regarding investments for the future. He argues that the government’s infrastructural investments should increase a number (sic!) of billions per year. According to him infrastructure politics has so far been all about promising to initiate new projects leaving maintenance of existing roads and railways behind. Let’s hope ride-sharing and the coordination of transports finds its way into next year’s political summer speeches, and beyond.

One’s destination

Omniflit Posted on tor, augusti 02, 2012 14:36:44

is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. (Henry Miller)

Despite working with a mobility solution this summer, I have been surprisingly immobile. I take solace in the fact that I have learnt to see things in new ways however. Mobility management for one, is an area I, until starting work at Omniflt, had not thought about.

Last week the application was made searchable in AppStore and a description had to be put together. There was also a meeting with the developers of our new web page. It is important that this communicates Omniflit and what we are in the best way possible. Delegating tasks to people from outside the company is challenging but fun.

This week I have submitted us to a challenge. At the moment I am working with incentives for employees to start using the Omniflit solution as this is of utmost importance if we are to succeed.

Where are you?

Omniflit Posted on tis, juli 31, 2012 23:30:48

This is Sweden. Never have I experienced a workplace this empty. So here we are, developing our services, however there seems to be nobody to sell to. We have realized that summers are mostly for vacations. We are lucky that we have had a lot of development to manage during these lonesome months. Also our sales strategies for the autumn are taking shape. Next year we will extend our vacation!

To move quickly

Omniflit Posted on tis, juli 24, 2012 10:56:18

When you turn to a thesaurus for a description of the word mobility you will learn that it’s a noun defined as ”ability to move”. Among synonyms mentioned are adjustability, flexibility, maneuverability, movability, portability and transportability. Omniflit is a mobility manager. We offer a way to achieve this flexible movability.

Mobility management is a vital area with bearing not just on an organizational level but on a societal one. Organizations that want to cut transportation costs, provide their employees with a multitude of traveling options, understand their environmental impact and true operational costs will find the Omniflit solution enabling just this.
However, we understand mobility management from a holistic perspective meaning we know the challenges society faces in particular regarding infrastructure. Ride-sharing and trip coordination have tremendous potential of becoming an option to count on in improving the way we make use of existing, and forthcoming, roads and railways. This dimension, I believe, makes communicating the Omniflit solution even more interesting.

Omni: all, everything, everywhere
Flit: to move quickly

Ready for apple approval

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 23, 2012 13:19:11

Omniflit is ready for submission of the application of the IOS version of the first intelligent mobility manager.

Politics has never been closer

Omniflit Posted on tor, juli 19, 2012 11:20:50

A brand new experience as Almedalen this summer made me rethink my thoughts about politics.

Almedalen is a park in the city Visby on the island Gotland. Here Swedish politicians gather once a year for the largest political event in the country. In the picture above we see Jan Björklund, leader of The Liberal People’s Party (Swedish: Folkpartiet), being interviewed on a live radio broadcast.

Last summer we got to know about Almedalen and the discussions that are brought up there. We got the understanding that the event gives an opportunity for companies, organizations and private individuals to ask questions for better understanding and also influence political decisions. We were right.

Never before have I felt so close to politics.

Me and my colleague Linnea spent three days on the island trying to get to top politicians and people working on a national level with questions that concern Omniflit.

Mobility and sustainable transportation issues were brought to the surface, focusing on how we are going to reach the goals of a fossil-fuel independent fleet until 2030. The main areas of discussion were renewable fuels, bio-fuels, and the expansion of public transportation. However I feel there is a lot missing on the point of making full use of the existing infrastructure. New innovative solutions within IT give never before seen results. Let’s not hope the government sees it, let’s tell it to them!

As part of a new strategy, Omniflit is now engaging politicians on a national level exploring the possibilities of statewide actions for more sustainable transportation.

Another interesting topic was the standardization of IT within the public sector to enhance the procurement process of new services appearing rapidly on the market. This will make it easier for businesses to sell to public organizations because the guidelines for developing services will be more perspicuous.

Public and business opinion is taken into account by leaving the discussion open on Facebook:

Knowing the ambitious goals of the government, this strategy might be one of the necessary measures for distributing innovative and sustainable services around our country, giving small companies an opportunity to grow even further into international markets, leveraging our exports of knowledge.

At Omniflit we love to share!
”Couch surfing” is definitely an option for a small company with limited resources for traveling to partake in interesting events and explore the world! Try it out at:

I hope Swedish people will be ”flitting” more with the Omniflit solutions as we move forward with developing the future Mobility Management Solutions!

Marcus Fütö, CEO
Omniflit AB

Team performance

Omniflit Posted on ons, juli 18, 2012 09:29:57

Usually when working under pressure communicating the objective and why the deadline has to be met is useful for increasing productivity and the sense of urgency and the feeling for delivering something good gets spread out among the team.

Write it right

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 19:48:09

This week means a lot of writing for me. I’m currently working on a brochure outlining our offering in a way that makes it accessible and easy-to-understand – challenging, as much of what we do is customizable and dependent on the customer’s needs. Good thing then writing is what I do best. I will also be working on a document submitting us to a business challenge. Here we go!

Bug hunting

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 11:01:05

This week is dedicated to bug hunting, we are using different testing methods and tweeking every user case for our solution to find weird behaviors and broken functionalities.

Finding and testing a software is critical before you make a release, but is is more critical to test and become part of the customer mind to test and prove the real functionalities that satisfy the purpose of the development.

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