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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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Believe or leave

SurveyLegend Posted on ons, augusti 08, 2012 13:47:52

Hi guys hope you haven’t been missing me
all too much. I had an interesting discussion with an individual some days ago
and I was planning to share it with you all.

As you can see the title of this post is
believe or leave and that’s exactly how it is, nothing happens over one night
and if you don’t believe then you should leave.

It’s sad to see that whenever a problem occurs that is to tough or when they don’t start making the big money they
start doting on there idea and give up. Ideas can be improved and problems always come and go, grow with them.

So I thing you should know that been an
entrepreneur is like a fairytale, it’s though all the way till the end when the
happy ending occurs and the princes gets her prince or the prince his
princess. Not all fairytale ends
well but here is one fun fact, you’re the writer to your own fairytale (life),
and you decide what happens.

I seed to this person, if you dint believe
then you should leave, and I fell in love with the flow and power of the words
so I had to share them with you guys.

So if you’re going to use if you don’t believe then leave, pleas don’t
forget so say; I’m quoting: Jasko Mahmutovic year 2012, heheh.

I BELIVEEEEEE smiley, my question is do you?

Tweet it ;)

SurveyLegend Posted on tis, juli 24, 2012 18:07:43

Hi Readers, friends and family.

I’m going to talk about twitter today, twitter is a good way of reaching new customers but also find customers that are dissatisfied with you competitors.

Twitter is growing and that fast, here in Sweden it’s not taking of as it has in the USA but more and more news channels and programs have a twitter page and urge voyeurs to tweet. My opinion is that if your a global company you should have twitter account, that’s a must.

Use the search function on twitter

Search for your industry, search for your competitors and read the tweets, see who is asking for a solution like yours and see who hates your competitors or at least is dissatisfied with them. These people you can tweet to and present your self and your solution.

Find followers and customers
To fins potential followers of your twitter page, go to your industry page on twitter or a competitor. There followers are interested in them and there tool, this is a great filtering function for you because you will come in contact with people that know what your doing and selling. This increases the chances of them following you.

Twitter can be boring and a lot of information is passed by, but twitter also creates a tremendous possibility for you as a individual or company to make new friends.

Make your FaceBook page post directly to twitter and you will hit two flies with one post 🙂 so my little birds tweet away and have fun.

Watch this video 🙂

I’m a Finisher, what are you ?

SurveyLegend Posted on ons, juli 18, 2012 20:24:01

Hi friends and readers smiley

We are right now doing our second interaction test and it’s going really good.
We have moved from paper tests of the interaction to digital testing where we film the screen and the behavior of the tester, this saves time for designer and for me as the supervisor for the tests.

It’s really interesting to see the difference and it’s big in a good and a bad way, for the tester it feels more alive but for me as the supervisor it is only to ask questions and sit back and see whats they are doing.

Why I say I’m a finisher it’s because when I do something I don’t just start, I finish the task at hand. Many people can start but not many can finish. To finish means to handle tough situations and grow with them. To finish means to succeed because you have reached your goal, if you are giving up then you will never feel the sensation of success after a long struggle.

Victory is sweet, taste it once and you will want more 😉

I want more, do you?

SL 4 Life :p

Cleaning up in the business plan :)

SurveyLegend Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 18:52:45

Cleaning up in a business plan is a must from time to time because things change and that’s as it should be.

Right now i’m cleaning up in our business plan and correcting some estimations and marketing plans to be more in live with our reality. It’s all in my head but for other people to know what has changed and for me not to store everything it’s best to put it down on paper.

Advantages are that i don’t forget important changes and that the business plan is as up to date as it can be.

So wipe away the dust and update your business plan 🙂

Blogger the window in to your company

SurveyLegend Posted on lör, juli 14, 2012 18:31:45

All companies have a blog on their page, but to make that blog page look good you have to put down time and effort. So why not use blogger a blog tool that’s owned by Google.

Blogger is a good-looking blog platform that gives your readers a feeling of quality and provides links back to your webpage, and Google loves links ☺

We at SurveyLegend post different surveys we have done with blogger and stories related to our company, we also make sure to link back to our webpage in every blog post.

I recommend blogger as a blog page and linking in every post back to your webpage. If you don’t make noise then no one will ever hear you, start blogging today and make good noise :p

Our blogger blog:

Social Media: LinkedIn

SurveyLegend Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 18:08:07

Linkedin as Social Media, step one of four.

I have heard that we know social media and
I have been asked for tips and tricks from time to time. So I felt like maybe
it’s time to share some secrets, tips and tricks.

I have divided the posts in four steps,
every step will focus on a social media we use to market our selves.

WARNING this will contain plenty of
guerrilla marketing ☺


This the perfect social media for reaching
out to potential customers and specific customer groups. LinkedIn creates an
amazing window for you as a company to become a member in a certain group and
post subjects, start discussions that you as a company have a solution on.

We use LinkedIn to get answers on surveys
we make for our blog, but indirectly we also market SurveyLegend to all the

With one post we can reach more then 10 000
market research interested individuals that work in this specific business
sector, so when you business advisor sees you need to narrow your customer
group, then I say they wait for you on LinkedIn, narrowed down and ready to get to
know you smiley

LinkedIn the place to market to B2B
customers, so what are you waiting for?

First Interaction test, it’s on till the break of dawn

SurveyLegend Posted on ons, juli 11, 2012 10:47:20

First Interaction test, it’s on till the break of dawn ☺

Today I did our first interaction test, it was a interesting experience and Emma was our first tester. I was really nervous that it would go wrong and be hard but it went great, Emma was really helpful and a great tester.

Why Interaction tests?

If your smart you will do it, we didn’t do it when we created the image based version and had some problems. When the designer has done his job and the programmers implement it, then it’s hard to redo the foundation, you end up needing to change everything.

This costs time ($) and it costs energy from developer, designer and the marketing personal. The biggest cost is for the users that lose interest when having problems proceeding in the creation and so on, we as the creators get blinded and don’t see it from the users perspective. Doing this test before designing and programming will help you create a product that from day one is much better.

Interaction tests are the BEST ☺

NR:1 Sprint

SurveyLegend Posted on tis, juli 10, 2012 00:09:29

first sprint

You guys have seen the super duper ultra legendary developers at SurveyLegend,
but what you don’t know is that we are right now working on our first sprint.

A sprint consists of a task and a set time for when it should be finished. After talking to one of our great advisory Robert, we have decided to develop having 2 week sprints.
After 2 weeks there should be something to show that is working to the project owner, in this case the project owner is me ☺

The developers are working hard to deliver the first sprint. For you that plan on developing, my suggestions is that you look in to sprints if your working with sett requirements and a lot of documents that represent the tool to come.

One more great advice I got from Robert was that it is great if all developers work on the same function but on different areas of the function, this will minimise problems like asking questions to developer in the team and he/she isn’t even working on that task.
What happens is that he/she starts searching and learning the task and time is wasted. When developers work on the same task they tend to see it from different angles, they understand the question and this contributes to a faster problem solving.

Thanks for reading 😉

TM: Step three of three, EUROPE here we come ;)

SurveyLegend Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 15:00:33

Hi friends and
followers, it’s time for step three of our Trade Mark (TM) series 😉

the test?

was seed in the old post;

It costs more then 14 000 SEK to apply for
a TM in Europe, to make sure that your investment is not waste of money apply
for TM in Sweden first (little more then 1200 SEK). If it is accepted in Sweden
then you can exhale and be sure of the brand not having a TM on a European

This is a great way of saving money and changing your brand in early stage
before you have married your name and really love it, in the end a good name is
as important as a good product.

here we come 😉

When we got the TM in Sweden we know that
there was no one out there that had a TM on the brand SurveyLegend on a
European level. For the European application we went professional and used
AWApatent to get everything right. TM is an important part of a company and
because there was no service that helped us to do it our self over the web like
the one we used in USA I decided to contact the professionals, in this case it
was AWApatent.

The material was prepared by them and
looked through by me for confirmation. To do a good TM you can look in to how
your competitors have done so you don’t forget anything important; let the
professionals handle the rest.

It’s not a lot of work from you as a TM
ordered when paying a professional company to do it. If I would have done it my
self the risk of it being wrong is there and it would take time, much more time
then the one I did for USA thanks to there great service and my friends.

So I recommend you to use professionals for
a European TM application 😉

The Legends at Work

SurveyLegend Posted on tis, juni 26, 2012 23:49:54

The Legends, start from Robert, Rick Moneer and Basmah. Pallavi a amazing developer is missing in this picture but so is Kiarokh and Shane designers and me (Jasko) and Johan. We are a family 😉

The Legends are working away on the revolution 😉 yes we are so cool that we call this project SurveyLegend Revolution (SLR).

I have the honour of working with some of the best developers on the planet maybe even the universe. Here we see 4 of them, Pallavi is missing, she is an amazing developer 🙁

Work is happening on all part of the company, as is should. Here we see programming been done but we also work on business development and marketing. Everything depends on each-other and is done in parallel with each-other.

Thanks for visiting the developers, a big thanks to them from me 😉

Ciao/The Legends

PS! Tomorrow i will finish the Trade Mark (TM) part of my blogging

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