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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

Hälsar Projektgruppen för Leapfrogs

Time to round up…

Greinon Posted on tis, juli 24, 2012 19:48:11

So here we go, my last Leapfrogs blog post. These three months have passed in a jiffy, and have been equally challenging and rewarding. Here are some brief highlights of what Greinon has achieved thus far:

1. Grants – apart from contribution of our dear Leapfrogs, we have received idea verification grants from ALMI and LUIS, the money that is being carefully spent on the product prototype development, and – nearly the best part of it all – we do not have to pay it back.

2. Team – apart from myself (technology) and Tatyana (administration), we grew in one more core team member, responsible for external relations and funding. Also, our network of informal advisers has grown tremendously, and we got involved with the mentorship programme by Connect Skåne, which has been very helpful.

3. Cooperation – our system’s test run, coming in a near future, is going to be supported by the Lund University Department of Environmental Psychology and Lighting Research Group; we have established relationship with reliable hardware components in Europe; just in a couple weeks, we are going to negotiate a cooperation with a Swedish company successfully selling their smart lighting solutions in Germany.

Certainly even more exciting events and experiences are coming our way, but now – we would like to thank the Leapfrogs team for this opportunity to fully dedicate ourselves to this tree-month journey, and all the others who showed great support 🙂 Vi ses snart igen!

Acting locally, but planning ahead

Greinon Posted on tis, juli 17, 2012 19:31:54

This week, I am still working on the hardware development and the software debugging. Apart from it, in the coming days we are going to meet with a possible new shareholder that helps us to plan acting on the international market, and will have a meeting to discuss a possible collaboration with a Swedish company within smart lighting systems that is already on the international market. We are always excited to hear how other start-ups ”make it” globally, so hopefully the week is going to be insightfull! 🙂

Mer Sommar!

Greinon Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 16:12:59

Since vacation time is in its peak, and all the offices around becoming/continuing being empty, this week we have had less meetings and discussions and more hard work on technical development of the product instead. Software is ready, all hardware pieces to put together are also in place, so now I am looking for a reliable and price-friendly vendor for light bulbs and outdoor lighting fixtures for the test of the system. Let’s see how this works out.

Additionally, the GREINON team met this week to discuss registration of AB (Aktiebolag) in Sweden. Application is on the way! 🙂

At the Milestone

Greinon Posted on fre, juli 06, 2012 16:05:56

Finally, after several months of hard work on programming (and a few slipless nights as well :)), the first version of software for GREINON intelligent lighting is completed, yipee! Now, the real fun starts – putting the hardware components together, and then – few more weeks of testing.

In parallel, we are also thinking of marketing strategies, and considering some cooperation opportunities not only in Sweden, but on the ever-growing European energy efficiency market. It might be a little bit early for GREINON to expand abroad, but it is never too early to dream big and plan for the long road ahead! This summer is really being fruitful for us 🙂

Little Rewards on the Way

Greinon Posted on tis, juli 03, 2012 16:43:29

So, it is time for the next update, and luckily for us, it is also a time for our next little happy moment: first – we have managed to establish collaboration with the lighting research group at Lund University, who is now waiting for us to install the GREINON lighting system on the test road, and then is ready to investigate the effects of our new lighting system on people and environment, and second – we have received a grant from Lund University Innovation System (LUIS), to partially cover the additional expenses on the prototype development and installation experiment. This makes us happy, of course, but most of all – it keeps us motivated to work harder and enjoy what we do more 🙂

And we wish you all a great inspirational week!

Time to Connect

Greinon Posted on sön, juni 24, 2012 15:17:16

Recently we got in closer contact with Connect Skåne, organization that, appart all, offers the development program for start-ups, including close 3-4 months mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs, business-people and other brilliant minds who have a lot to share with us, beginners, and Springboard (Språngbräda), a two-hours exersise that allows entrepreneur to present the own project to the knowledgeable and investigative ”board of directors” with various purposes – to train your pitching skills infront of a scrutinizing audience, to understand how ready you are to meet your real investors, etc.

Our request to participate in Connect Skåne mentoring and Springboard program was sent out last Thursday, and we have already received an interest from two potential mentors. It looks like we will have few exciting meetings in coming weeks! 🙂


Greinon Posted on fre, juni 22, 2012 09:04:12

One of the most valuable assets of an entrepreneur is the competencies of his/her team. Right competencies are the key of success. It is okay to be alone in your venture but you need to fulfill the needed competencies by having good advisers.

I myself have a good engineering background; my partner Tatyana is experienced in marketing and administration. I have good advisers at LTH for the technical issues. As we sit at the Venture Lab, we are able to get almost all kind of advisory services (e.g. law firm, accounting, etc.) for free up to some amount of time. Moreover, we have very experienced advisers at Lund University Innovation System (LUIS), Teknopol and NyFöretagar Centrum (NFC) Lund. So, if you have an idea and planning to start-up a company, they are excellent organizations that you can book a time and hear their feed-back.

Pitching & Networking

Greinon Posted on sön, juni 17, 2012 21:09:49

We at Greinon had quite an intensive week, with few useful meetings and interesting events. There were two events in particular that I would like to mention here.

The first one was Value Creation Form, organized by Teknopol together with LUIS and Leapfrogs project team. The participants had an opportunity to give 5-minute sales pitch to the audience of their choice – fellow entrepreneurs, application users, leading media companies… We have benefited greatly from both pitching our own project and sharing our thoughts about others’ pitches, while playing different roles, as an audience, and trying to see the pitched idea through the customer’s eyes. The lesson learnt – you can’t go wrong with sharing your ideas. The feedback you get, whether positive or negative, whether given by your ”target audience” or people who probably won’t become your customers, will always help you improve, and likely may even help you discover something about your own work that you have never seen or thought of before.

The second event mentioned was organized by Media Evolution City in Malmo. It was interesting and at times truly inspirational to meet and talk with people within games, media and advertising industry, and besides to enjoy the tour around the newly renovated building in Vastra Hamnen and see so many amazing and creative solutions for a modern office space. If you have a company, or just thinking of starting up within the area of media and communications, you should definitely check out the opportunities to rent an office space at the new Media Evolution house! 🙂

Building the Supply Chain

Greinon Posted on lör, juni 09, 2012 17:09:46

One of the most important part of most businesses is to have a good supply chain. From the very first steps in our company, we have been trying to determine the possible channels to get the best quality for the best price. According to our experience, we have identified 3 categories that one should pay attention to, when choosing the right suppliers for the business.

1) Price: For start-ups it is important to find the cheapest price, at the given quality of product. Thus the search should not be limited to Sweden only, it is good to check suppliers in other countries, especially within EU, since it is easier to import goods and calculate taxes. Be aware that if you import anything from outside of the EU, you need to pay additional taxes upon the delivery, and the supplier is not responsible for taxes amounts, so you most probably won’t be warned about it in advance. Earlier in our journey, not paying enough attention to this issue, we ordered some components from the USA, and paid roughly 30% of the product value extra as taxes, upon the UPS delivery.

2) Delivery terms: It is important the know the capacity of your suppliers in terms of how many components/goods they can deliver in a day/week/month. If your are producing your own product, it is important to know how long it takes for the supplier to prepare the order and ship it, so that you can plan your production carefully.

3) Product info: It is beneficial to build relationships with suppliers who are potentially able to provide your growing company with a life-time, so to speak, components that you need now, or are going to use in the future. Thus, we advise to request the information in advance on whether any of the components that your product rely on might be out of production in near future, and what substitutes might be available then. This way, you can plan and design your product accordingly. The important thing for us was also to be able to access the complete data-sheets with information about alternatives, available product certification and precise complectation. For example, if your supplier is based in UK, then the electronic equipment they sell might require buying an additional plug adapter, to be used in other European countries.

It takes significant amount of time to determine the best suited components for your product, but it is equially important to carefully plan who and how is going to supply these components. It is always good to start the research about possible suppliers as early as possible in your journey. We at Greinon wish you good luck! 🙂

Our first components delivered!

Greinon Posted on ons, maj 30, 2012 19:09:08

Greinon has been busy, among other things, with establishing relationships with hardware suppliers. After few meetings and discussions with our advisers and supporting organizations, we seem to have found exactly what we need to get our first physical product assembling started. It will still take a while for pictures of the product to come, but here is a sneak peek to our current office environment – boxes, boxes, boxes…

And yes, we also got our business cards delivered fresh from the printing press in Turkey (which by the way we strongly recommend, for the great quality and veeery friendly prices :))

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