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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

Hälsar Projektgruppen för Leapfrogs


Way2Solve Posted on mån, augusti 27, 2012 10:23:35

Last week we started develop our new website and we will continue this work this week. Its lot of PHP coding and work with databases but it’s very interesting and fun to play around with onece you got the hang of it. Even tought we are lacking some knowladges in building websites and design we are lucky to have friends who are ready to assist us with it.

Using your newtowrk is important and can save you lot of time and money, and at the same time you will be motivated to work even harder not to let down the people you involve.
Asking for help is hard but working on something where you are lacking knowlardes is even harder and usually takes more resources.

Finally I would like to recomend the arctic15 conference in Helsinki, and their start-up competition

Best wishes and good luck with another working week!

Resting in the Forest

Way2Solve Posted on mån, augusti 20, 2012 05:48:18

Just came back home after spending the past week outside the civilization with cutting threes, painting a cabin, sauna, open fire, playing Kubb and enjoing the last part of the summer with good friends. The autumn is comming up and it means lot of planing and preparing for the next season for Way2Solve.
Going back to my book, wish you all a pleasant end of the sumer as well!

Configuring servers

Way2Solve Posted on tis, augusti 07, 2012 00:27:34

Sitting late night in the office configuration our servers and having a nerdy evening!
I feel myself a bit rusty since it was a while since i was working with Linux but it’s getting there! Luckely there is Google is near you!

During last week we have been upgrading our office a bit with some new furniture, so now it’s even more cousy to work here! Also have started to write an application to the wich will take place in Vienna later in the fall.

Going back to the terminal. Wishing you all a good evening!

Team building

Way2Solve Posted on mån, juli 30, 2012 00:45:19

After a long (and warm!) working week at VentureLab and a two-days team building hike in the Swedish forest, I’m having a lazy Sunday off with a book!

Doing fun things outside the everyday working environment is important to strengthen the morale and build up a good atmosphere in the organization.

Right now we are doing coding for our tracking system and since it’s lot of image analysis involved we are at the same time doing self-studying in his field. It takes time but it’s really interesting and educational. Next week we will start preparing for a few meetings we will have in the end of august when companies are back with full manpower after vacations.

Going back to my book Start With Why – Simon Sinek, Which i really recommend to you all!
All the best,

Writing applications

Way2Solve Posted on tis, juli 17, 2012 01:56:59

The past week have been a bit relaxed when it comes to development of our traffic counting system. Instead I’ve been writing applications for a couple of interesting events around Europe in the autumn, and applied for a grant as well. Crossing my fingers!
Also came across of a great collection of articles worth going trough for nerdy entrepreneurs:

Start programming

Way2Solve Posted on sön, juli 08, 2012 00:50:27

The week has mostly been spent at our office in VentureLab with a high working morale and good mood!
After more than a month of research we are finally ready to start with the programming, which feels great!

I have realized that working in the summer and especially in Lund is really great if you want to have no one to disturb you because the city is really empty!
However it also also means that many companies are hard to get in touch with because of summer vacations and I just got meeting planned for next week moved to the end of August because of vacations!! Well, nothing to do about that.. At least Way2Solve don’t take any vacation! 🙂

New contacts

Way2Solve Posted on fre, juni 29, 2012 16:33:04

Had long week of doing even more research different technologies to use, quite boring work that takes a lot of time, but it must be done.

Yesterday I was supposed to have a site visit to an incubator here in Saint Petersburg, however due to heavy traffic the trip took 2 hours instead of the expected 20 minutes and i missed the event.
However – as result i was able to spend 2 hours in a car with an experienced entrepreneur, Dimitry Korinolv, and had some really valuable talking and got great advises for myself and way2solve.



Way2Solve Posted on fre, juni 22, 2012 16:59:22

I’ve spent the past week researching our main competitors and their technology. It’s important to have an overview how the market looks like and where you are in comparison to your competitors. I must say it’s quite scary because you are constantly afraid that you will find someone with the exact same idea with a ready product.

Also yesterday I had a meeting with Val Jerdes, an venture capitalist from Silicon valley, now working for a major investment found in Russia. He shared his experiences from working with start-ups and his view on venture capital wish was really interesting to listen to.
Me and Val at ”Raum7”, an open office space i Saint Petersburg

Midsommar greetings!

Working from out-of-office

Way2Solve Posted on tor, juni 14, 2012 18:00:27

After a few days in the wild Russian countryside i’s great to be back in the civilization. Working from ”out of office” can be a bit tricky, so I thought i would share some of the tools i’m using when being outside Lund.

Google Drive – An easy tool to create, edit and share documents. Since it’s completely online I always have access to my archive from any computer with internet access.

Skype – Well known but so handy when being abroad
to avoid high roaming costs with your mobile phone. Perfect to make free skype-to-skype calls or cheap skype-to-phone calls.

Dropbox – Online storage of files, so that you can easily access them from any computer with an internet connection.

Asana – An online task manager which lets you keep track of the tasks within your company. Really handy when your company consist of a few persons which not always are physically available at all times.

Hope you are inspired to try these tools, and feel free to recommend me some other tools you are using!


Summer with Way2Solve

Way2Solve Posted on tor, juni 07, 2012 22:35:58

Have you ever been travelling by a completely crowded bus, or maybe by an almost empty bus? A crowded bus is not convenient for the passengers and an empty bus is not economically sustainable.

Way2Solve is developing a system to optimise the usage of buses for the actually need. We are really proud of being one of the winners of Leapfrogs and hope you will enjoy following us and our development

With this first post Way2Solve officially want to celebrate the start of the summer and an exciting time with the blog.