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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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Your first step towards happiness

InvivoPlay Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 23:47:01

Today we
released a new exciting feature at InvivoPlay! From now on you can do step by
step challenges to make a real impact on your everyday life. The new multistep
feature, known as Quest, is designed to affect your everyday life in a fun and
efficient way. Complete your first Quest, and start your journey towards a
happier life today! 🙂

The pieces that makes the whole

InvivoPlay Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 22:16:33

A great
team is worth the world when you work with a startup. You can have a super
idea, but if you have a weak team it will never go from idea to the next level.
I think a team is like the pieces of a puzzle – you need every piece to get the
goodness of the whole. But unlike the puzzle we don’t have to be together to
work wonders, but we do need to stay connected. Our team is working from two different
geographical locations which have worked out great for us. But tomorrow is a
big day because our team member, who is usually located in Slovenia, will
arrive to Malmö! It will be great to finally see him here after working
together from a distance for many months. The weeks ahead will be filled with
workshops and meetings to increase the team spirit, make plans for the
future and to learn from each other’s viewpoints and expertise. Exciting to say
the least!

Challenges in the making

InvivoPlay Posted on ons, juli 11, 2012 22:45:13

Life is full of challenges that helps you grow. The challenges at InvivoPlay is fun, leads your way to happiness, helps you learn something new and grow as a person. The easiest way to understand how it works is of course to complete a set of challenges yourself, and feel the positive effects in your real life!

Today I’ve been in challenge creator-mode and prepared set of challenges for a future costumer, that will be available at InvivoPlay in the fall. Let me tell you, I’m super excited about how it turned out! So, stay tuned! 🙂

How to make the best combination of work and play this summer

InvivoPlay Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 22:49:55

July in
Sweden, and everyone seems to abandon their offices for their perfect summer
adventure. Most people know how to
enjoy the moments during the summer vacation and make the most out of every day. And being passionate about
happiness, I don’t have to tell you how much I love that people think it’s
important to take time for themselves. Hooray for that! But what if you could
take that time every day, all year around? Maybe just five minutes a day or
half an hour if you’re lucky? What if you could enjoy a bowl of spaghetti with
meatballs in October the same way you enjoy your first bowl of strawberries and
milk on the first summer day? That’s called mindfulness. And that’s key for
your wellbeing.

Staying at
the incubator for the summer, I was initially surprised that a lot of entrepreneurs leave the office for some time off. Or maybe they are working from the
beach or a distant strawberry field? It’s good to take some time off, but I
just can’t resist coming to the office in the morning to push things that extra
bit forward. Being one of the few still at the incubator, I was thinking about
how I could enjoy a busy summer and still get the lovely summer feel. I love my
work and I love the summer. The question is; what’s the best way to combine the
two? Knowing a bit of mindfulness, it was not that hard nut to crack. Even if
it’s raining all day long, or you don’t get to spend a couple of months in
Bahamas this year either – you can still do the small things that sets the
perfect summer mood.

identified ten things that I think is crucial for the perfect summer and that I
don’t want to miss out on this year. Of course, I included vital things like
eating strawberries with milk and spending a day on the beach with my friends. I
put the list on my kitchen wall so I can see it every day and be reminded of
the eventful summer ahead. I will probably put more things on the list in the
same pace I complete them, but even if I do and that means I won’t do all the
things before the fall, it doesn’t matter at all. Because this is no boring to
do-list – it’s my awesome summer wish-list.

And of course, I made it as challenge on
InvivoPlay, so I could share this with all my friends. Enjoy!

How meeting new people can help you reach your big dream!

InvivoPlay Posted on sön, juli 01, 2012 13:17:02

week has passed and during the weekend summer has finally arrived to Malmö!
Last weekend I reloaded my batteries with celebrating midsummer in Paris. Oh la
la, what a great couple of days! I came back inspired and excited to get back to work. Sometimes you need a weekend with friends and croissants to boost you to
do even better than before:).

This week we had the pleasure to spend with Cluster 55, we always have a good time hanging out with them! Starting the week
at their brokerage event, pitching for several big companies and meeting new
valuable connections. Not only did we meet new people, we also got great
feedback from people with years of experience. Over all, it was great meeting both the big companies and the other entrepreneurs.

Friday we were invited to talk about how the innovation system has help us take InvivoPlay to where we are today. It’s cool to see how the dots are connected
and honestly, without meeting this person who introduced us to that
organization that helped us see that opportunity that led us to meeting that person who… where would we be without that? I’m
convinced that the combination of meeting new people, being passionate about
what you do and hard work is key to getting from one point to another, and in
the end to success.

Cluster 55 for a great week!

Happy Midsummer!

InvivoPlay Posted on tor, juni 21, 2012 14:39:49

InvivoPlay is all about making people happier and live life to the fullest. So this year I decided to celebrate midsummer InvivoPlay style! I will do things that makes me happy, being around people I love and enjoy every minute of it. In a couple of hours I will be sitting on the plane for a weekend in Paris! So no nubbe or sill for me this year, but a very happy midsummer! 🙂

Au revoir!

The passion for entrepreneurship

InvivoPlay Posted on mån, juni 18, 2012 16:22:22

The hours are flying by, and soon the first day at the office for the week has come to an end. I have a habit of forgetting time and space when I get excited about work or anything else I’m passionate about. I guess it’s a good habit to get lost in what you love! Today is the first day back at the office after the week in Gothenburg. It was a great week by the way, even if we would’ve preferred to go home with the trophy ;). Nevertheless, we felt like winners when we had our first article in Dagens Industri published last week. It’s hard to grasp that we had a full page in one of Swedens biggest business papers, so soon after we start working with InvivoPlay!

The event last week meant meeting a lot of interesting people. It was inspiring to meet other entrepreneurs and hear about their journey. I met a woman who participated in the competition last year and she told me what happened for her since she was a finalist. She told an amazing story, but the most inspiring part was the look in her eyes as she talked. She was so passionate and excited, even when she talked about the hard times, when she had to fight for her existence. She was literally glowing! It was really fun to meet someone with that strong passion for what they do. That’s the cool thing about entrepreneurs I think, that everyone is following their dreams and are ready to go through fire to get there. It’s a great crowd to be around!

Exciting week coming up!

InvivoPlay Posted on mån, juni 11, 2012 11:37:50

Two days
left. On Wednesday we will meet the Venture Cup jury in Gothenburg, who will
decide which of the 12 finalists have the best business plan in Sweden. I keep
going from excited to nervous, back to excited and then nervous again. Boy,
what an emotional rollercoaster I’m on! I am looking forward to the
presentation and the big event, where they will announce the winner. There is
going to be prizes decided by the jury but also one prize decided by the
audience. Don’t forget to vote for us here!

But that is
not the only exciting thing going on right now! Yesterday Tina left for a
business trip to US! She will spend the week in Washington and New York City,
meeting a lot of cool people. So to say the least, it’s an important and exciting week for

I will keep
you updated on how everything turns out. Until then, stay happy at!

Happily ever after exists!

InvivoPlay Posted on fre, maj 25, 2012 11:53:23

We love to have fun with our friends. But who doesn’t:). So you can imagine how happy we were when Erik at Nordic Game Program invited us to the Nordic Game conference in Malmö this week. In case you don’t know, that’s one of Scandinavia’s most important game events of the year. How great is that!

We prepared our business cards, because you never know who you will meet, and yesterday was the first day of the conference. When we were walking towards the event, me and Tina were talking about our expectations. To be perfectly honest, this was our first gaming conference ever and therefore it was even more special for us.

So, how does a gaming conference look and feel like? Crowded, in a positive way:). There were so many game enthusiasts and experts from the industry. First we were a bit shy, but soon we started talking to amazing people. In a couple of seconds we made new friends, and the next moment we learned so much by listening to industry veterans. Wow, some people really deserve to be respected.

What was our key takeaway? Sure, games are fun, especially when you can play them with your friends. But we also think that gaming should create victories in your everyday life, not only in a virtual environment. We think that having fun combined with doing something good for yourself or others can create a happier environment than any other game. We think that a new era of gaming is on its way – games for life. Games like our InvivoPlay that enable you to live happily ever after in reality:).

How can positive psychology do wonders in your every day work?

InvivoPlay Posted on lör, maj 19, 2012 14:57:41

Dear reader,

we have been very busy the last couple of weeks at the InvivoPlay office. Things need to be planned or done because we want to turn all our big golas into reality. Fast:)! It’s awesome how we are so passionate about what we do; it creates such a positive atmosphere and keeps us motivated every single moment. Not to mention all the adrenaline rush that we get – wow.


To make ourselves flourish, we make sure that we reinforce all the awesome things that happen. One way to do that is to have a victory dance. Right in our office. Yes, in our office. No, we are not ashamed to be seen:). Why? Because a positive workplace is actually beneficial for the entire team – it increases our productivity and makes everyone around us happier. And as you know happiness is important.

That’s why we decided to organize an event at our incubator Minc in Malmö. We want to share facts about the good things that come from a happy team, give some cool tips how to use postive psychology in your workplace and encourage everyone to have fun with us. So, if you have some free time on 31st of May, make sure you spend it wisely;).

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