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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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Pitching and planning

Omniflit Posted on fre, augusti 17, 2012 16:08:37

This week I’ve been working on a new pitch deck that presents Omniflit’s solution. It has had me thinking that what has been the company’s focus in sales pitches to this day may need a few small, but important, changes. I have done quite a bit of research on ’how to create the perfect pitch deck’ and it has had me thinking a bit which is good.

I have also made a few plans in terms of publicity that we are going to need to attract in order to help us grow and build a bit of momentum come this fall. Next week will entail a few meetings that I believe have the potential of being quite interesting.

Entrepreneurial politicians

Omniflit Posted on tis, augusti 14, 2012 16:48:33

Economics and politics rule our world, and the two are inextricably intertwined. As part of its revised strategy Omniflit is trying to impact the national infrastructure and mobility management agenda. This summer’s Almedalen visit inspired the extension of our outreach. In order to influence organizational attitudes towards new ways of thinking regarding mobility we have learnt it may be a good idea to try to influence the influential.

When faced with something I know I need to learn more about I tend to turn to a good old library for some catching up. I find these institutions are quite often unfairly overlooked, at least if you know which ones are worth a visit. As I’ve relocated myself for a couple of days to Österlen (a working internet connection and computer combined with the famous calm and serenity of the area is pretty much all you need, for a few days at least) I turned to Simrishamns stadsbibliotek for some advice and ended up with a newly published book on the entrepreneurship of politics. Hopefully it will give me some of the insights I’d like on how best to target politicians. I look forward to understanding the process of procurements more fully, for one. As Omniflit has a meeting with a Swedish Member of Parliament coming up I hope he will turn out to be an entrepreneurial one which my reading tells me is ”an energetic politician who is visible, honest and an expert”.

Infrastructure was mentioned by our Minister for Education and Deputy PM, Jan Björklund, in his yearly summer speech this Sunday as number two of his three wishes for this fall’s budget regarding investments for the future. He argues that the government’s infrastructural investments should increase a number (sic!) of billions per year. According to him infrastructure politics has so far been all about promising to initiate new projects leaving maintenance of existing roads and railways behind. Let’s hope ride-sharing and the coordination of transports finds its way into next year’s political summer speeches, and beyond.

One’s destination

Omniflit Posted on tor, augusti 02, 2012 14:36:44

is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. (Henry Miller)

Despite working with a mobility solution this summer, I have been surprisingly immobile. I take solace in the fact that I have learnt to see things in new ways however. Mobility management for one, is an area I, until starting work at Omniflt, had not thought about.

Last week the application was made searchable in AppStore and a description had to be put together. There was also a meeting with the developers of our new web page. It is important that this communicates Omniflit and what we are in the best way possible. Delegating tasks to people from outside the company is challenging but fun.

This week I have submitted us to a challenge. At the moment I am working with incentives for employees to start using the Omniflit solution as this is of utmost importance if we are to succeed.

To move quickly

Omniflit Posted on tis, juli 24, 2012 10:56:18

When you turn to a thesaurus for a description of the word mobility you will learn that it’s a noun defined as ”ability to move”. Among synonyms mentioned are adjustability, flexibility, maneuverability, movability, portability and transportability. Omniflit is a mobility manager. We offer a way to achieve this flexible movability.

Mobility management is a vital area with bearing not just on an organizational level but on a societal one. Organizations that want to cut transportation costs, provide their employees with a multitude of traveling options, understand their environmental impact and true operational costs will find the Omniflit solution enabling just this.
However, we understand mobility management from a holistic perspective meaning we know the challenges society faces in particular regarding infrastructure. Ride-sharing and trip coordination have tremendous potential of becoming an option to count on in improving the way we make use of existing, and forthcoming, roads and railways. This dimension, I believe, makes communicating the Omniflit solution even more interesting.

Omni: all, everything, everywhere
Flit: to move quickly

Write it right

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 19:48:09

This week means a lot of writing for me. I’m currently working on a brochure outlining our offering in a way that makes it accessible and easy-to-understand – challenging, as much of what we do is customizable and dependent on the customer’s needs. Good thing then writing is what I do best. I will also be working on a document submitting us to a business challenge. Here we go!


Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 15:34:06

Last week took a somewhat unexpected turn with Omniflit leaving Lund on Wednesday morning for the ”politicians’ week” at Almedalen on the island of Gotland. On Tuesday we decided to leave after having managed to, with probably one of the shortest time-frames ever, get us someplace to rest our heads during night hours. It proved to be a good decision. Almedalen offered sun, politicians and industry representatives all there with the same purpose – to meet people and make new contacts. We managed to get hold of quite a few promising leads and, just as important, got in touch with the latest agenda. Subjects such as a fossil independent vehicle fleet in 2030 and infrastructure development come alive through debates and discussions.

This week I’m working on a brochure describing our offering in an accessible and understandable way and finishing the strategy document on our marketing communication and social media. Following up on the contacts I made during the Gotland trip is another priority.

And last a PR note: Always make sure that people notice you, or your work, or preferably both. Sydsvenskan published this.

Exciting times

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 02, 2012 13:18:39

Time flies when you’re busy….last week Omniflit had an interesting meeting with Sustainable Mobility Skåne in Malmö (Hållbar Mobilitet Skåne). Ways for cooperation and opportunities to reach new targets were discussed.

Omniflit was also submitted to a competition. This week there will be user stories created.

Storytelling & customer meetings

Omniflit Posted on sön, juni 17, 2012 20:37:10

The blog post of this windy summer (?) evening is a recap of the events of the week past.

This Tuesday Omniflit went to Skåne’s Energiting – a yearly meeting place where sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow are exhibited and ideas are exchanged. Maria Wetterstrand gave the introductory speech and was followed by many other interesting voices on the challenges we face in the transition towards a greener energy consumption. If you want to read up on the event, you can do so at

The event included the option of participating in a so called Speaker’s Corner to which I had enrolled Omniflit. My colleague Marcus gave a 5-minute speech on how an environmentally friendly yet not less efficient traveling to, from and within your work place is made possible by Omniflit. In the format of storytelling the listener could, in an accessible way, get an understanding of what using Omniflit in his or her everyday (work) life can be like.

Thursday and Friday comprised customer meetings during which feedback can be said to have been the overriding theme. Understanding the customer’s needs and concerns is, of course, central to developing the best possible solution to companies’ transport coordination. This is an ever-continuing process which next week, for example, takes the shape of a lunch meeting with a number of employees at a customer company. Among a number of other things, this week I will start working on a number of strategies for Omniflit for marketing, social media and other aspects of our communication.

So stay tuned for more updates from us & have a lovely week! And remember:

”It is better to travel well

than to arrive.”

(Buddha, allegedly. Omniflit agrees).

Communicating Omniflit

Omniflit Posted on ons, juni 06, 2012 22:32:28

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.

First of all – I’m very honored to have received a Leapfrogs check. Thank you.

The quote above hints at what I aim to do at Omniflit this summer. Omniflit is, as you may know, a mobility manager, ie. a brilliant assistant for companies wanting their traveling and transports to be efficient, sustainable and social (yes, it’s possible). My name is Linnéa and I’ve just finished my first year out of two at the Master’s program in strategic communication at Lund university Campus Helsingborg.

In this blog you find posts from my colleagues Ludwig and Marcus (the owners of Omniflit) describing their work with meeting new customers, the ongoing development of the application and so forth. I will focus my efforts on the communication of Omniflit. How is Omniflit best communicated to its existing and future customers? How do we want to be perceived? Why is our solution the solution to companies’ needs? Omniflit has the answer to this – this summer I intend to help getting that answer across.