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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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Polishing the diamond

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on mån, juli 23, 2012 11:26:27

Its still kind of hectic at the office. The weekend has been a bit straining because I think I started to get a cold, but we are yet again one step closer to being finished and the cold didn’t blossom, so I’m grateful. At this time we have basically abandoned weekends for work, but we try to keep our days at medium length (8-12 hours) so that we don’t burn out. We also keep our morale high with short breaks, some fruit and tea, and the occasional movie after work.

We have gone back to polishing the production, which is a nice break from administrative tasks, planning and preparing for the release. Our nearest milestone is on Friday, which is going to be very exciting!


The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tor, juli 19, 2012 15:07:06

Today we took a long lunch. Since the Baltic Sea Festival is in town we ate our mandatory Moose-kebab.

Its a very cool feeling that we are moving so fast with the production right now. Every day we reach a new mini-milestone. Plenty of things that have been lying around since the beginning of the project are getting attention, and are usually easier to get fixed than what we anticipated they would. I guess we’re getting pretty efficient with our tools.

Its also an incredibly enforcing feeling of continously seeing improvements in our product. Things are falling into place in an orderly fashion. Although its hectic on our end, its like playing a huge non-linear game of Tetris – and as long as we’re focused we will succeed.

Smooth Sailing

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on ons, juli 18, 2012 21:12:44

We sure do have long days now, and we’re in for some really interesting challenges. But we are having so much fun. I’ve been sitting down with some heavy bug hunting – and the catches have all been good. Luckily we havent stumbled upon any really esoteric problems. Yet, atleast.

About the Baltic Sea Festival I mentioned in my last post. Well. It took about 20 minutes before it started to get on my nerves. Nothing I can do about that. My plan is to work as hard and long as I can during the festival, and when its over and the general population is recouperating, I’ll take an evening or two off. Just relax, enjoy the silence, and get into the fighting spirit again.

We have done some more design work on our QA solution. I’ve got a good feeling about it.

Moving on

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tis, juli 17, 2012 23:13:22

Its been a very active day at the office. We have made it past a milestone, that I was a bit worried about, but now that its passed I’m relieved. We got a very clear path ahead of us, and we are in fact still on schedule! It has taken us a huge amount of enery to pull off what we have done, and the need for rest is growing. But now that we are so close to completion, we need to focus on the tasks ahead and make our final push. We are actually soon done with the development. The last few bugs to solve and the last content to implement is up next.

We have also set up a nice system for bug-tracking, which is still only internal. I’m looking forward to QA. Its going to be tough, but a lot of fun. Our main concern right now is to correctly pace the difficulty curve, and we’re looking at several very different ways of tackling that problem. At the point I’m leaning towards a semi-dynamic system – if it can be implemented within our time constraints. We’ll see what happens.

Now I need to get home, for tomorrow is a new day with new challanges and new experiences. It’s going to be a wierd week – its the Baltic Sea Festival i town for a few days. So we’ll have a tivoli set up right across the street. Its going to be interesting to write code whilst listening to people scream when they ride the attractions. I’ll probably come back to that in my next post…

Back from Skövde

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on mån, juli 16, 2012 16:19:57

Its always nice to meet other game developers. Especially when there is great food and refreshing drinks served. Friday night in Skövde was great fun, and totally worth the insanely pricey train ticket.

The sprint – and crunch – is as of yet going according to plan, and by the end of next week we’ll have a version of the game that can be played from beginning to end. In other words, we’re handling the last few things right now.

We have also begun talks on setting up a better bug-tracking system. I think I’ll have to take some time to set that up.

Done and done

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on fre, juli 13, 2012 01:04:59

There. Its done. We have sent our first batch of pitches to publishers.

Its been a bit nerve-wrecking to finally let go and expose our ”baby” to the world. But its done. Now I need to sleep, for tomorrow we have a whole day of travel, and what looks to be an awesome seminar with Valve.

Its time

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 18:12:28

Today we are sending out our first batch with pitches!

We’re currently going through our wording and snapping some screenshots whilst we await the trailer. The nerves are high, but there is a sense of determination in the air. We are finally at a stage where we can show the world what we’ve been doing for all this time.

The general concensus at the office is that we are going to push hard on QA (quality assurance) from now on. We need more structured tests, and a reliable feedback mechanism that ensures that we can both document ”must have’s”, ”should have’s”, ”could have’s” and ”should not have’s”.

Getting a system up and running is going to be the pet project over the weekend.

Oh, and we’re going to meet with a distributor tomorrow for a seminar on how to best market on their platform.

Trailer on the way

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on ons, juli 11, 2012 18:00:42

There is a lot going on now. We just finished all the production work for the gameplay trailer!

Now we are going to check through our pitch documents and double check everything, take a few screenshots, and then prepare to send out all our pitches to publishers. There are also a great deal of last minute things that arise. Some things are neccissary, others are nitpicking. So now is the best time to be open to recieve critizism on priorities. Everyone needs to be in the same boat, so to say.

Tonight there is going to be pizza, and work into the late of night. I can feel it. We are almost there!

Sudden opportunity!

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tis, juli 10, 2012 21:45:28

Well this is fun. We just noticed the OUYA, a new Android-based video game console.


Its got a Kickstarter page up (a fantastic crowdsourcing site), and by day one (or is it two?) its almost been successfully funded with a million dollars. Its a fantastic idea to create an open console environment – and I’ve been refreshing the kickstarter page every ten minutes, and can clearly see increments in the scope 20-30.000 dollars. This is quite insane. In a good way.

So with some quick number crunching, we decided to back the project with the intent to get our games onto the platform. A fantastic opportunity!

Life is fun. You never know what possibilities hide behind the next corner. So remember to keep both eyes open on the future.

What to do while waiting

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tis, juli 10, 2012 13:55:50

Yesterday I started working on a process that entails a whole lot of waiting around. Basically I have to wait for about 20-30 minutes inbetween 3-5 minutes of work. This means that I have a whole lot of time wasteage that I can put to use in a better way. I’ve been reading a whole lot of business oriented books and articles lately, so I decided to re-read some of the programming books I’ve had the pleasure to utilize over the years. Reading through – or just flipping through these books was a really nice experience. There are just so many low-level facts and principles, or practices that can be such a time saver to know, or in many cases, just remember.

Luckily I’m done with the time consuming process, but where will I find the time to re-read old books in the future? And what kind of knowledge will pass me by if I use my time to re-discover instead of discovering new things?

Questions without answers. I find that the best cure for endless pondering is icecream with friends.

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