Hej everyone,

Hope you have a great week and hope that everything has gone well with your projects.

When I moved to Sweden almost two years ago I never thought I was going to start up a company it felt to big and difficult for me. How in the world would i manage to run a company in a foreig country? But here I am today starting a company which is almost 8 months old. We now are passing from the phase of starting to the running. Now we have our first customers and I feel that we learn something new everyday. From every meeting and mingle that we go. Like last week for example when we participated in the opening of Somali Bussines Center, or spreading information at Konvux and Hälsingsille. Everything its just amzing and I want to thank everyone that has helped us during this journey.
I also want to tell that now we have a new partner that joined our company. Her name is Emma Johansson.
When we started Jobgration one of our main goals is to change attitudes of companies towards employment of internationals. To do this is hard and it takes time, but we are happy that we have people that believe on us and happy to see that people want to join and help us.