Work, Work,

Last week
was the first one that we started to work as Job coachers. It was very exciting
but at the same time very tiring. I spent most of last week recruiting people
to work in a Somali center. We are looking for a person that has knowledge about
Sweden and Somalia and that has leaved in Sweden no more than 36 weeks. So feel
free to tip us if you know any one that might be interested.

Being a job
coach means that we need to help our clients with:

contacts and a network that helps them get closer to the Swedish job market

– Help them
understand how the Swedish working life looks like by organizing different
activitities such as: study visits, social activities, help to write CV, how to
behave when you go to a jobinterview etc.

– Help with
other practical things.

In order to
achieve all this we are working on creating a toolbox with different materials
which will help us and the people we are coaching.

That’s all
for now, See you next week