In my last post
I talked about validation, the process and the time needed to validate a
diploma in Sweden. I researched a bit more about this during this week and now
I am in contact with a researcher that has made a study about validation. I
will meet her this week and she is happy to share with us her findings. I will
post some of them here next week, I am sure it is going to be very interesting.
For many people the summer holidays soon will be finished and work will start
again. We have been planning on how we will proceed in the coming months. Some
of the things we need to do are:

2 people to employ for Herbet Felix Institute during September

in in the job fair Arkad that LTH organizes and as well organize workshops for
the international students at LTH

will also participate at FARAD, another fair organized by the technique

meetings with different HR responsible in companies that are interested to employee

As you see the
month look intensive but it is better to have a lot to do then nothing J. Working under stress motivates me more.