The week
that I just left behind was one of the hardest ones to concentrate at work. It
was the first week in such a long time when I felt that summer had really come
to Sweden. It was impossible to concentrate when at the same time people were
running to the beach. So I took time to
motivate myself by reading different articles and methods that could make our business
idea work better. I was reading a lot about validation. How does it work, how
long it takes, and different articles written about this theme. Validation of the diploma is one of the major
problems for many internationals that live in Sweden. For some reason it takes
so long time to validate a diploma into the Swedish system, and in
order to better help our candidates, we need to know all about it. In this way we can maybe come up with a faster and inovative way of making the procedure faster. Beside that
working with the website and booking meetings with HR responsible in different
companies so that when the new semester starts, we are ready as well.