Hi Readers, friends and family.

I’m going to talk about twitter today, twitter is a good way of reaching new customers but also find customers that are dissatisfied with you competitors.

Twitter is growing and that fast, here in Sweden it’s not taking of as it has in the USA but more and more news channels and programs have a twitter page and urge voyeurs to tweet. My opinion is that if your a global company you should have twitter account, that’s a must.

Use the search function on twitter

Search for your industry, search for your competitors and read the tweets, see who is asking for a solution like yours and see who hates your competitors or at least is dissatisfied with them. These people you can tweet to and present your self and your solution.

Find followers and customers
To fins potential followers of your twitter page, go to your industry page on twitter or a competitor. There followers are interested in them and there tool, this is a great filtering function for you because you will come in contact with people that know what your doing and selling. This increases the chances of them following you.

Twitter can be boring and a lot of information is passed by, but twitter also creates a tremendous possibility for you as a individual or company to make new friends.

Make your FaceBook page post directly to twitter and you will hit two flies with one post 🙂 so my little birds tweet away and have fun.

Watch this video 🙂