When you turn to a thesaurus for a description of the word mobility you will learn that it’s a noun defined as ”ability to move”. Among synonyms mentioned are adjustability, flexibility, maneuverability, movability, portability and transportability. Omniflit is a mobility manager. We offer a way to achieve this flexible movability.

Mobility management is a vital area with bearing not just on an organizational level but on a societal one. Organizations that want to cut transportation costs, provide their employees with a multitude of traveling options, understand their environmental impact and true operational costs will find the Omniflit solution enabling just this.
However, we understand mobility management from a holistic perspective meaning we know the challenges society faces in particular regarding infrastructure. Ride-sharing and trip coordination have tremendous potential of becoming an option to count on in improving the way we make use of existing, and forthcoming, roads and railways. This dimension, I believe, makes communicating the Omniflit solution even more interesting.

Omni: all, everything, everywhere
Flit: to move quickly