Hi friends and readers smiley

We are right now doing our second interaction test and it’s going really good.
We have moved from paper tests of the interaction to digital testing where we film the screen and the behavior of the tester, this saves time for designer and for me as the supervisor for the tests.

It’s really interesting to see the difference and it’s big in a good and a bad way, for the tester it feels more alive but for me as the supervisor it is only to ask questions and sit back and see whats they are doing.

Why I say I’m a finisher it’s because when I do something I don’t just start, I finish the task at hand. Many people can start but not many can finish. To finish means to handle tough situations and grow with them. To finish means to succeed because you have reached your goal, if you are giving up then you will never feel the sensation of success after a long struggle.

Victory is sweet, taste it once and you will want more 😉

I want more, do you?

SL 4 Life :p