A great
team is worth the world when you work with a startup. You can have a super
idea, but if you have a weak team it will never go from idea to the next level.
I think a team is like the pieces of a puzzle – you need every piece to get the
goodness of the whole. But unlike the puzzle we don’t have to be together to
work wonders, but we do need to stay connected. Our team is working from two different
geographical locations which have worked out great for us. But tomorrow is a
big day because our team member, who is usually located in Slovenia, will
arrive to Malmö! It will be great to finally see him here after working
together from a distance for many months. The weeks ahead will be filled with
workshops and meetings to increase the team spirit, make plans for the
future and to learn from each other’s viewpoints and expertise. Exciting to say
the least!