Linkedin as Social Media, step one of four.

I have heard that we know social media and
I have been asked for tips and tricks from time to time. So I felt like maybe
it’s time to share some secrets, tips and tricks.

I have divided the posts in four steps,
every step will focus on a social media we use to market our selves.

WARNING this will contain plenty of
guerrilla marketing ☺


This the perfect social media for reaching
out to potential customers and specific customer groups. LinkedIn creates an
amazing window for you as a company to become a member in a certain group and
post subjects, start discussions that you as a company have a solution on.

We use LinkedIn to get answers on surveys
we make for our blog, but indirectly we also market SurveyLegend to all the

With one post we can reach more then 10 000
market research interested individuals that work in this specific business
sector, so when you business advisor sees you need to narrow your customer
group, then I say they wait for you on LinkedIn, narrowed down and ready to get to
know you smiley

LinkedIn the place to market to B2B
customers, so what are you waiting for?