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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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The pieces that makes the whole

InvivoPlay Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 22:16:33

A great
team is worth the world when you work with a startup. You can have a super
idea, but if you have a weak team it will never go from idea to the next level.
I think a team is like the pieces of a puzzle – you need every piece to get the
goodness of the whole. But unlike the puzzle we don’t have to be together to
work wonders, but we do need to stay connected. Our team is working from two different
geographical locations which have worked out great for us. But tomorrow is a
big day because our team member, who is usually located in Slovenia, will
arrive to Malmö! It will be great to finally see him here after working
together from a distance for many months. The weeks ahead will be filled with
workshops and meetings to increase the team spirit, make plans for the
future and to learn from each other’s viewpoints and expertise. Exciting to say
the least!

Ute och åker berg- och dalbana

Izzie innovations Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 21:19:57

Som entreprenör har man två olika sk ”sidor” som ska vara på topp, den företagsamma- och det privata sidan av en själv. Under den senaste veckan har jag erfarit hur det är att vara på topp på den ena sidan, men tyvärr på botten när det gäller den andra sidan. Kruxet med dessa två sidor är att de lätt väver ihop sig och bildar en otydlig gräns mellan dem. Jag har under veckans gång insett hur stor betydelse de båda sidorna har för att ett företag eller projekt. Med tanke på den otydliga gränsen mellan dem, har jag försökt få lite bättre självinsikt genom att lista pro’s n’ con’s. Nu när jag kommit halvvägs genom veckan märker jag vilken skillnad det gör för Izzie’s utveckling när jag inte bara fokuserar på utvecklingens helhet, men också min personliga helhet.
Under veckan har stora framsteg utvecklats inom programmeringen, jag har för en gångs skull använt mitt logiska tänkande för att lösa några av de huvudsakliga frågetecknen. Tänk att jag, Johanna 20år, numera inte behöver konsulter till exakt allt under utvecklingsprocessen! Det måste ju innebära att jag har lärt mig så otroligt mycket om såväl teknik som munhygien. Jag hoppas och tror att det här kommer gå så bra som det förutspåtts, men det krävs blod, svett och tårar för att komma dit.

Nu har jag även börjat beta av en del inför en patentansökan, ska bli riktigt spännande och se om jag kan få igenom den! Fast det får jag inte veta förrän om två år, så det blir en lång väntan 😉

Its time

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 18:12:28

Today we are sending out our first batch with pitches!

We’re currently going through our wording and snapping some screenshots whilst we await the trailer. The nerves are high, but there is a sense of determination in the air. We are finally at a stage where we can show the world what we’ve been doing for all this time.

The general concensus at the office is that we are going to push hard on QA (quality assurance) from now on. We need more structured tests, and a reliable feedback mechanism that ensures that we can both document ”must have’s”, ”should have’s”, ”could have’s” and ”should not have’s”.

Getting a system up and running is going to be the pet project over the weekend.

Oh, and we’re going to meet with a distributor tomorrow for a seminar on how to best market on their platform.

Social Media: LinkedIn

SurveyLegend Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 18:08:07

Linkedin as Social Media, step one of four.

I have heard that we know social media and
I have been asked for tips and tricks from time to time. So I felt like maybe
it’s time to share some secrets, tips and tricks.

I have divided the posts in four steps,
every step will focus on a social media we use to market our selves.

WARNING this will contain plenty of
guerrilla marketing ☺


This the perfect social media for reaching
out to potential customers and specific customer groups. LinkedIn creates an
amazing window for you as a company to become a member in a certain group and
post subjects, start discussions that you as a company have a solution on.

We use LinkedIn to get answers on surveys
we make for our blog, but indirectly we also market SurveyLegend to all the

With one post we can reach more then 10 000
market research interested individuals that work in this specific business
sector, so when you business advisor sees you need to narrow your customer
group, then I say they wait for you on LinkedIn, narrowed down and ready to get to
know you smiley

LinkedIn the place to market to B2B
customers, so what are you waiting for?

Mer Sommar!

Greinon Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 16:12:59

Since vacation time is in its peak, and all the offices around becoming/continuing being empty, this week we have had less meetings and discussions and more hard work on technical development of the product instead. Software is ready, all hardware pieces to put together are also in place, so now I am looking for a reliable and price-friendly vendor for light bulbs and outdoor lighting fixtures for the test of the system. Let’s see how this works out.

Additionally, the GREINON team met this week to discuss registration of AB (Aktiebolag) in Sweden. Application is on the way! 🙂

Mobility in companies and Omniflit

Omniflit Posted on tor, juli 12, 2012 14:36:06

Before Omniflit decided to become a registered business, we decided to verify what the market was asking and needing from a mobility perspective.

We found out that mobility could be oriented either to a passenger or a freight transport approach, but all of them pointed into a more sustainable way of travelling both environmental and economical.

For that reason Omniflit created a software oriented solution where we try to influence pre-trip decisions, mobility needs by dealing with trip information, internal and external communication, organization and coordination of trips.

With effective mobility management inside organizations the benefits for individuals and organizations are less administrative work, increased communication, cost reduction, relevant business KPI measurements that havent been measured so easily before.