First Interaction test, it’s on till the break of dawn ☺

Today I did our first interaction test, it was a interesting experience and Emma was our first tester. I was really nervous that it would go wrong and be hard but it went great, Emma was really helpful and a great tester.

Why Interaction tests?

If your smart you will do it, we didn’t do it when we created the image based version and had some problems. When the designer has done his job and the programmers implement it, then it’s hard to redo the foundation, you end up needing to change everything.

This costs time ($) and it costs energy from developer, designer and the marketing personal. The biggest cost is for the users that lose interest when having problems proceeding in the creation and so on, we as the creators get blinded and don’t see it from the users perspective. Doing this test before designing and programming will help you create a product that from day one is much better.

Interaction tests are the BEST ☺