Yesterday I started working on a process that entails a whole lot of waiting around. Basically I have to wait for about 20-30 minutes inbetween 3-5 minutes of work. This means that I have a whole lot of time wasteage that I can put to use in a better way. I’ve been reading a whole lot of business oriented books and articles lately, so I decided to re-read some of the programming books I’ve had the pleasure to utilize over the years. Reading through – or just flipping through these books was a really nice experience. There are just so many low-level facts and principles, or practices that can be such a time saver to know, or in many cases, just remember.

Luckily I’m done with the time consuming process, but where will I find the time to re-read old books in the future? And what kind of knowledge will pass me by if I use my time to re-discover instead of discovering new things?

Questions without answers. I find that the best cure for endless pondering is icecream with friends.