first sprint

You guys have seen the super duper ultra legendary developers at SurveyLegend,
but what you don’t know is that we are right now working on our first sprint.

A sprint consists of a task and a set time for when it should be finished. After talking to one of our great advisory Robert, we have decided to develop having 2 week sprints.
After 2 weeks there should be something to show that is working to the project owner, in this case the project owner is me ☺

The developers are working hard to deliver the first sprint. For you that plan on developing, my suggestions is that you look in to sprints if your working with sett requirements and a lot of documents that represent the tool to come.

One more great advice I got from Robert was that it is great if all developers work on the same function but on different areas of the function, this will minimise problems like asking questions to developer in the team and he/she isn’t even working on that task.
What happens is that he/she starts searching and learning the task and time is wasted. When developers work on the same task they tend to see it from different angles, they understand the question and this contributes to a faster problem solving.

Thanks for reading 😉