One of the best feelings I get when I’m dug deep into the production is reading about the genre and general niche that I work with. Today I read, in the industry leading news site Gamasutra, about the exact genre I’m working in.



Reading this kind of thing is a healthy reassurance that what I do matters somehow. That the deep waters I’m treading aren’t that deep, and as long as I work hard something good is going to happen.

The office has been crawling with activity this weekend.

We have officially started a crunch, which is going to last the entire sprint (two weeks), and then we’ll reassess the situation and see if we’ll continue with the crunch or just go back to normal work days. Our main concern just now is getting solid feedback on our documentation, whilst we stomp out a few eye-sore inducing bugs so we can continue with the creation of our gameplay trailer.

I’ve really gotten into the flow of the bug hunting, and if things go as smooth as they have the last few days, then I’ll treat myself to something nice at the end of the sprint. I’ve heard its the season of picnics, might give that a try.