Hi friends and
followers, it’s time for step three of our Trade Mark (TM) series 😉

the test?

was seed in the old post;

It costs more then 14 000 SEK to apply for
a TM in Europe, to make sure that your investment is not waste of money apply
for TM in Sweden first (little more then 1200 SEK). If it is accepted in Sweden
then you can exhale and be sure of the brand not having a TM on a European

This is a great way of saving money and changing your brand in early stage
before you have married your name and really love it, in the end a good name is
as important as a good product.

here we come 😉

When we got the TM in Sweden we know that
there was no one out there that had a TM on the brand SurveyLegend on a
European level. For the European application we went professional and used
AWApatent to get everything right. TM is an important part of a company and
because there was no service that helped us to do it our self over the web like
the one we used in USA I decided to contact the professionals, in this case it
was AWApatent.

The material was prepared by them and
looked through by me for confirmation. To do a good TM you can look in to how
your competitors have done so you don’t forget anything important; let the
professionals handle the rest.

It’s not a lot of work from you as a TM
ordered when paying a professional company to do it. If I would have done it my
self the risk of it being wrong is there and it would take time, much more time
then the one I did for USA thanks to there great service and my friends.

So I recommend you to use professionals for
a European TM application 😉