Every person is capable of having the most amazing ideas, some of which can truly revolutionize the world as we see it, however they lack either the time, energy, knowledge or resources to bring it to the next step.

An idea in a personal point of view it is like a piece of clay, it has no defined shape it might look like something and it has the potential to be something really great. However the shaping of that piece of clay will depend on many factors.

The work of an entrepreneur is to bring an idea to business. People often do not realize the work behind bringing an idea to reality.

The strategy on which step to take first and the road to walk is the job of an entrepreneur, is a job not always rewarded or appreciated. However it is the most important process because it will create the foundations of any business.

When working with an idea as an entrepreneur, one must always gather additional ideas around the original idea, that will make it a more solid, defined and structured idea. This will also help the entrepreneur in his path of bringing the right people and analyzing in more detail his environment.