My name is
Alma Sandberg (Cullhaj) and together with Kerstin Fredriksson started
Jobgration last year on November. As Kerstin told our drive to start Jobgration
came from watching how international
competence is being wasted in Sweden. Through Jobgration we try to connect
international competences with companies that are in need for those competences.

I am not
going to write more about Jobgration because Kerstin already did when she made
her first blog post. This is my first week, and it has really been great. I took some holidays in June and it feels
great to get back and start working with something I believe in.

This week I
have been contacting and booking different booths in different job fairs that
are going to be during next semester and next year. In this way will be able to register people in
our database and also be visible.

I have also
been working with completing the application that we have sent to the
Employment office. If we get it through, we will start coaching people that are
registered in the employment office.

This is all
for now. See you next week.