July in
Sweden, and everyone seems to abandon their offices for their perfect summer
adventure. Most people know how to
enjoy the moments during the summer vacation and make the most out of every day. And being passionate about
happiness, I don’t have to tell you how much I love that people think it’s
important to take time for themselves. Hooray for that! But what if you could
take that time every day, all year around? Maybe just five minutes a day or
half an hour if you’re lucky? What if you could enjoy a bowl of spaghetti with
meatballs in October the same way you enjoy your first bowl of strawberries and
milk on the first summer day? That’s called mindfulness. And that’s key for
your wellbeing.

Staying at
the incubator for the summer, I was initially surprised that a lot of entrepreneurs leave the office for some time off. Or maybe they are working from the
beach or a distant strawberry field? It’s good to take some time off, but I
just can’t resist coming to the office in the morning to push things that extra
bit forward. Being one of the few still at the incubator, I was thinking about
how I could enjoy a busy summer and still get the lovely summer feel. I love my
work and I love the summer. The question is; what’s the best way to combine the
two? Knowing a bit of mindfulness, it was not that hard nut to crack. Even if
it’s raining all day long, or you don’t get to spend a couple of months in
Bahamas this year either – you can still do the small things that sets the
perfect summer mood.

identified ten things that I think is crucial for the perfect summer and that I
don’t want to miss out on this year. Of course, I included vital things like
eating strawberries with milk and spending a day on the beach with my friends. I
put the list on my kitchen wall so I can see it every day and be reminded of
the eventful summer ahead. I will probably put more things on the list in the
same pace I complete them, but even if I do and that means I won’t do all the
things before the fall, it doesn’t matter at all. Because this is no boring to
do-list – it’s my awesome summer wish-list.

And of course, I made it as challenge on
InvivoPlay, so I could share this with all my friends. Enjoy!