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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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How to make the best combination of work and play this summer

InvivoPlay Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 22:49:55

July in
Sweden, and everyone seems to abandon their offices for their perfect summer
adventure. Most people know how to
enjoy the moments during the summer vacation and make the most out of every day. And being passionate about
happiness, I don’t have to tell you how much I love that people think it’s
important to take time for themselves. Hooray for that! But what if you could
take that time every day, all year around? Maybe just five minutes a day or
half an hour if you’re lucky? What if you could enjoy a bowl of spaghetti with
meatballs in October the same way you enjoy your first bowl of strawberries and
milk on the first summer day? That’s called mindfulness. And that’s key for
your wellbeing.

Staying at
the incubator for the summer, I was initially surprised that a lot of entrepreneurs leave the office for some time off. Or maybe they are working from the
beach or a distant strawberry field? It’s good to take some time off, but I
just can’t resist coming to the office in the morning to push things that extra
bit forward. Being one of the few still at the incubator, I was thinking about
how I could enjoy a busy summer and still get the lovely summer feel. I love my
work and I love the summer. The question is; what’s the best way to combine the
two? Knowing a bit of mindfulness, it was not that hard nut to crack. Even if
it’s raining all day long, or you don’t get to spend a couple of months in
Bahamas this year either – you can still do the small things that sets the
perfect summer mood.

identified ten things that I think is crucial for the perfect summer and that I
don’t want to miss out on this year. Of course, I included vital things like
eating strawberries with milk and spending a day on the beach with my friends. I
put the list on my kitchen wall so I can see it every day and be reminded of
the eventful summer ahead. I will probably put more things on the list in the
same pace I complete them, but even if I do and that means I won’t do all the
things before the fall, it doesn’t matter at all. Because this is no boring to
do-list – it’s my awesome summer wish-list.

And of course, I made it as challenge on
InvivoPlay, so I could share this with all my friends. Enjoy!


Jobgration Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 17:49:57


My name is
Alma Sandberg (Cullhaj) and together with Kerstin Fredriksson started
Jobgration last year on November. As Kerstin told our drive to start Jobgration
came from watching how international
competence is being wasted in Sweden. Through Jobgration we try to connect
international competences with companies that are in need for those competences.

I am not
going to write more about Jobgration because Kerstin already did when she made
her first blog post. This is my first week, and it has really been great. I took some holidays in June and it feels
great to get back and start working with something I believe in.

This week I
have been contacting and booking different booths in different job fairs that
are going to be during next semester and next year. In this way will be able to register people in
our database and also be visible.

I have also
been working with completing the application that we have sent to the
Employment office. If we get it through, we will start coaching people that are
registered in the employment office.

This is all
for now. See you next week.


Ny vecka, nya tag

Funktionste Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 15:48:45

Efter en lugn helg sätter vi nu igång igen med vårt tesäljande igen.

Ett tillskott i vår återförsäljarlista är Ritz Konditori i Sölvesborg. De säljer Funktionste både i 125g paket och serverar i lösvikt vilket är väldigt uppskattat av kunderna. Detta är ett koncept vi kommer jobba vidare med då kunder avnjuter en god kopp Funktionste på ett café och sedan kan de köpa sin favorit med sig hem.

Vi jobbar även på ett nytt koncept kring försäljning som vi kommer skriva mer om senare.


Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 15:34:06

Last week took a somewhat unexpected turn with Omniflit leaving Lund on Wednesday morning for the ”politicians’ week” at Almedalen on the island of Gotland. On Tuesday we decided to leave after having managed to, with probably one of the shortest time-frames ever, get us someplace to rest our heads during night hours. It proved to be a good decision. Almedalen offered sun, politicians and industry representatives all there with the same purpose – to meet people and make new contacts. We managed to get hold of quite a few promising leads and, just as important, got in touch with the latest agenda. Subjects such as a fossil independent vehicle fleet in 2030 and infrastructure development come alive through debates and discussions.

This week I’m working on a brochure describing our offering in an accessible and understandable way and finishing the strategy document on our marketing communication and social media. Following up on the contacts I made during the Gotland trip is another priority.

And last a PR note: Always make sure that people notice you, or your work, or preferably both. Sydsvenskan published this.

TM: Step three of three, EUROPE here we come ;)

SurveyLegend Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 15:00:33

Hi friends and
followers, it’s time for step three of our Trade Mark (TM) series 😉

the test?

was seed in the old post;

It costs more then 14 000 SEK to apply for
a TM in Europe, to make sure that your investment is not waste of money apply
for TM in Sweden first (little more then 1200 SEK). If it is accepted in Sweden
then you can exhale and be sure of the brand not having a TM on a European

This is a great way of saving money and changing your brand in early stage
before you have married your name and really love it, in the end a good name is
as important as a good product.

here we come 😉

When we got the TM in Sweden we know that
there was no one out there that had a TM on the brand SurveyLegend on a
European level. For the European application we went professional and used
AWApatent to get everything right. TM is an important part of a company and
because there was no service that helped us to do it our self over the web like
the one we used in USA I decided to contact the professionals, in this case it
was AWApatent.

The material was prepared by them and
looked through by me for confirmation. To do a good TM you can look in to how
your competitors have done so you don’t forget anything important; let the
professionals handle the rest.

It’s not a lot of work from you as a TM
ordered when paying a professional company to do it. If I would have done it my
self the risk of it being wrong is there and it would take time, much more time
then the one I did for USA thanks to there great service and my friends.

So I recommend you to use professionals for
a European TM application 😉

The gap between idea and business

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 13:47:15

Every person is capable of having the most amazing ideas, some of which can truly revolutionize the world as we see it, however they lack either the time, energy, knowledge or resources to bring it to the next step.

An idea in a personal point of view it is like a piece of clay, it has no defined shape it might look like something and it has the potential to be something really great. However the shaping of that piece of clay will depend on many factors.

The work of an entrepreneur is to bring an idea to business. People often do not realize the work behind bringing an idea to reality.

The strategy on which step to take first and the road to walk is the job of an entrepreneur, is a job not always rewarded or appreciated. However it is the most important process because it will create the foundations of any business.

When working with an idea as an entrepreneur, one must always gather additional ideas around the original idea, that will make it a more solid, defined and structured idea. This will also help the entrepreneur in his path of bringing the right people and analyzing in more detail his environment.

Up and coming!

The Horror at MS Aurora Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 13:36:01

One of the best feelings I get when I’m dug deep into the production is reading about the genre and general niche that I work with. Today I read, in the industry leading news site Gamasutra, about the exact genre I’m working in.



Reading this kind of thing is a healthy reassurance that what I do matters somehow. That the deep waters I’m treading aren’t that deep, and as long as I work hard something good is going to happen.

The office has been crawling with activity this weekend.

We have officially started a crunch, which is going to last the entire sprint (two weeks), and then we’ll reassess the situation and see if we’ll continue with the crunch or just go back to normal work days. Our main concern just now is getting solid feedback on our documentation, whilst we stomp out a few eye-sore inducing bugs so we can continue with the creation of our gameplay trailer.

I’ve really gotten into the flow of the bug hunting, and if things go as smooth as they have the last few days, then I’ll treat myself to something nice at the end of the sprint. I’ve heard its the season of picnics, might give that a try.

Golf med kund

Nordic Mobile Solutions AB Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 12:48:42

Hej hej!

Idag hade jag ett trevligt möte med en utav våra viktigaste kunder – på golfbanan.

Vi diskuterade produkten och spelade golf samtidigt vilket var mycket givande och trevligt eftersom det blir mer avslappnat och personligt. Verkar som att detta kan bli ett långsiktigt samarbete! Kunden var MYCKET nöjda med vårt arbete vilket självklart var glädjande att höra!

See ya!

Development week planning and revision

Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 12:32:55

During last week, Omniflit was planning with the R&D team what things needs to be prioritized and delivered.


Omniflit Posted on mån, juli 09, 2012 12:27:59

Doing things right means communicating to everyone involved the final goal. However the path that the team takes is something usually is forgotten and results are just being expected.

The path to that goal, however, it has to be communicated as well. Changes, bumps in the road and many other things may arise and everyone should be involved to overcome the issues and take actions based on informed decisions.

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