week has passed and during the weekend summer has finally arrived to Malmö!
Last weekend I reloaded my batteries with celebrating midsummer in Paris. Oh la
la, what a great couple of days! I came back inspired and excited to get back to work. Sometimes you need a weekend with friends and croissants to boost you to
do even better than before:).

This week we had the pleasure to spend with Cluster 55, we always have a good time hanging out with them! Starting the week
at their brokerage event, pitching for several big companies and meeting new
valuable connections. Not only did we meet new people, we also got great
feedback from people with years of experience. Over all, it was great meeting both the big companies and the other entrepreneurs.

Friday we were invited to talk about how the innovation system has help us take InvivoPlay to where we are today. It’s cool to see how the dots are connected
and honestly, without meeting this person who introduced us to that
organization that helped us see that opportunity that led us to meeting that person who… where would we be without that? I’m
convinced that the combination of meeting new people, being passionate about
what you do and hard work is key to getting from one point to another, and in
the end to success.

Cluster 55 for a great week!