The Legends, start from Robert, Rick Moneer and Basmah. Pallavi a amazing developer is missing in this picture but so is Kiarokh and Shane designers and me (Jasko) and Johan. We are a family 😉

The Legends are working away on the revolution 😉 yes we are so cool that we call this project SurveyLegend Revolution (SLR).

I have the honour of working with some of the best developers on the planet maybe even the universe. Here we see 4 of them, Pallavi is missing, she is an amazing developer 🙁

Work is happening on all part of the company, as is should. Here we see programming been done but we also work on business development and marketing. Everything depends on each-other and is done in parallel with each-other.

Thanks for visiting the developers, a big thanks to them from me 😉

Ciao/The Legends

PS! Tomorrow i will finish the Trade Mark (TM) part of my blogging