Hi guys,

I’m going to go through how TM works and I’m going to do it three steps so you really get a understanding. I’m writing from own experience so learn 😉

Whats TM good for?
Trade Mark (TM) is the must important protection you can get as a company. TM protects your brand and makes sure that you can start marketing your self and not worry that some company on the other side of the world will sue you before you even start making money. One other thing is that a name is everything and becomes a identity of you, imagine changing it when already fell in love with it.

Imagine Coca-cola or Apple changing there name, there brand (name) value can’t even be estimated. Today we buy a brand together with product, brands assure in many cases quality if marketed in such way (high end products). SO PROTECT YOUR BRAND 😉

Step one, it’s all about testing the potential:

It costs more then 14 000 SEK to apply for a TM in Europe, to make sure that your investment is not waste of money apply for TM in Sweden first (little more then 1200 SEK). If it is accepted in Sweden then you can exhale and be sure of the brand not having a TM on a European level.

This is a great way of saving money and changing your brand in early stage before you have married your name and really love it, in the end a good name is as important as a good product.

I would like to ask you guys a question do you want to be a Legend (SurveyLegend) or a Monkey (SurveyMonkey), you choose hehehe 😉

PS! I’m a LEGEND :p

Swedish TM: http://www.prv.se/sv/Varumarke/