One of the most valuable assets of an entrepreneur is the competencies of his/her team. Right competencies are the key of success. It is okay to be alone in your venture but you need to fulfill the needed competencies by having good advisers.

I myself have a good engineering background; my partner Tatyana is experienced in marketing and administration. I have good advisers at LTH for the technical issues. As we sit at the Venture Lab, we are able to get almost all kind of advisory services (e.g. law firm, accounting, etc.) for free up to some amount of time. Moreover, we have very experienced advisers at Lund University Innovation System (LUIS), Teknopol and NyFöretagar Centrum (NFC) Lund. So, if you have an idea and planning to start-up a company, they are excellent organizations that you can book a time and hear their feed-back.