Two days
left. On Wednesday we will meet the Venture Cup jury in Gothenburg, who will
decide which of the 12 finalists have the best business plan in Sweden. I keep
going from excited to nervous, back to excited and then nervous again. Boy,
what an emotional rollercoaster I’m on! I am looking forward to the
presentation and the big event, where they will announce the winner. There is
going to be prizes decided by the jury but also one prize decided by the
audience. Don’t forget to vote for us here!

But that is
not the only exciting thing going on right now! Yesterday Tina left for a
business trip to US! She will spend the week in Washington and New York City,
meeting a lot of cool people. So to say the least, it’s an important and exciting week for

I will keep
you updated on how everything turns out. Until then, stay happy at!