We love to have fun with our friends. But who doesn’t:). So you can imagine how happy we were when Erik at Nordic Game Program invited us to the Nordic Game conference in Malmö this week. In case you don’t know, that’s one of Scandinavia’s most important game events of the year. How great is that!

We prepared our business cards, because you never know who you will meet, and yesterday was the first day of the conference. When we were walking towards the event, me and Tina were talking about our expectations. To be perfectly honest, this was our first gaming conference ever and therefore it was even more special for us.

So, how does a gaming conference look and feel like? Crowded, in a positive way:). There were so many game enthusiasts and experts from the industry. First we were a bit shy, but soon we started talking to amazing people. In a couple of seconds we made new friends, and the next moment we learned so much by listening to industry veterans. Wow, some people really deserve to be respected.

What was our key takeaway? Sure, games are fun, especially when you can play them with your friends. But we also think that gaming should create victories in your everyday life, not only in a virtual environment. We think that having fun combined with doing something good for yourself or others can create a happier environment than any other game. We think that a new era of gaming is on its way – games for life. Games like our InvivoPlay that enable you to live happily ever after in reality:).