Dear reader,

we have been very busy the last couple of weeks at the InvivoPlay office. Things need to be planned or done because we want to turn all our big golas into reality. Fast:)! It’s awesome how we are so passionate about what we do; it creates such a positive atmosphere and keeps us motivated every single moment. Not to mention all the adrenaline rush that we get – wow.


To make ourselves flourish, we make sure that we reinforce all the awesome things that happen. One way to do that is to have a victory dance. Right in our office. Yes, in our office. No, we are not ashamed to be seen:). Why? Because a positive workplace is actually beneficial for the entire team – it increases our productivity and makes everyone around us happier. And as you know happiness is important.

That’s why we decided to organize an event at our incubator Minc in Malmö. We want to share facts about the good things that come from a happy team, give some cool tips how to use postive psychology in your workplace and encourage everyone to have fun with us. So, if you have some free time on 31st of May, make sure you spend it wisely;).